Dear colleagues and friends,

on behalf of the the Organizing Committee I am pleased to welcome you to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, to the III International Congress Pediatrics 2.0 and enjoy the scientific and cultural activities we have designed and developed for this event. Santiago de Compostela, through its history has been open to different cultures, people and beliefs. In this regard, we are trying to offer you a great, modern and attractive Congress, joining different cultures, traditions and knowledge throughout the new aspects of Nutrition research, Allergy, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Asthma and more, development and innovation all around the world.

The Congress Program Committee, with the support of the International Scientific Committee and the Local Scientific Committee members, has been working hard to develop an outstanding program of scientific excellence divided into main tracks covering a broad range of topics.

This project is aimed above all at the general public, who, by means of a simple, attractive and enjoyable exhibition presentation, can discover the fundamental concepts in relation to food and nutrition that anyone can put into practice to improve their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Indeed, the International Congress Pediatrics 2.0 provided subsidized rates for students and delegates from low- and middle- income countries. Santiago de Compostela is a historic and world renowned city for its beauty and culture.

We hope all ICP 2.0 delegates can enjoy Santiago de Compostela and the traditional hospitality as well as the social activities we have prepared where you can meet with colleagues and friends from all regions of the world. Our wish is that you have a fruitful and successful ICP 2.0, enjoy your stay and leave Santiago de Compostela with unforgettable fond memories.

With the collaboration and support of all attendants and with the spirit of partnership and working together we hope that achieving the goal of ICP 2.0 is a fact.

III INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS PEDIATRICS 2.0 - Santiago de Compostela 07-09 June 2018